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Manufacturing business leaders in the following areas will benefit the most from Modern Manufacturing Week:

  • Accounting
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  • Finance
  • Information technology
  • Operations
  • Sales


Modern Manufacturing Week is a free online event for the manufacturing industry. Webinar session topics are all around the theme of technology and innovation, and include:

  • Tips for using IoT Technology
  • Accounts Payable Automation
  • Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Customer Relationship Management for Manufacturing
  • Inventory Management
  • Lean and ERP
  • Cloud Solutions for Manufacturing
  • Ecommerce
  • Keynote on Modern Manufacturing
  • +MORE


Attend one, or as many of the webinar sessions scheduled during Modern Manufacturing Week as you’d like. Multiple webinars will take place everyday during the week of October 3-7, 2016.


View the recording. With a career running operations for major brands like Kellogg’s, Mondelez, Nabisco, and now Prinova – Dave Doyle has exceptional experience with supply chain management, continuous improvement, and manufacturing leadership. Dave has an MBA in Operations Management from Loyola University in Chicago as well as a Bachelor of Science degree in business from Eastern Illinois University.    

E-Commerce Evolution – Revenue Revolution

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If you are behind your competition in reaching e-commerce excellence, you are missing out on the revenue revolution that online self-service can provide. Leveraging new tools to redefine your channels and serve customers in new ways can help your company become the “easiest to do business with” in your industry.

Join us to learn how CDI’s e-commerce and payment solutions with real-time ERP integration have delivered channel excellence and efficiency.


Bridging the Gap: Extend Lean Manufacturing Concepts to Back-End Document Intensive Processes

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Is your organization piloting continuous improvement and achieving efficiencies on the factory floor or in the field?  Why stop there!  By increasing the adoption of improvement methodologies across the organization you'll unlock further value in critical resources.  In this session, we’ll explore how lean manufacturing concepts and AP Automation align to provide more than just efficiency in invoice processing.  


Agile, Connected, and Informed – CRM for Your Manufacturing Sales Team

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CRM for Your Manufacturing Sales Team

Modern manufacturing sales teams have to be agile, connected, and informed about their customers and business.

During our webinar you will see:

  • What a modern, streamline sales process looks like
  • How to utilize mobility to keep your sales reps informed wherever and whenever they need to be
  • Simple, easy to use analytics that provides insight into your pipeline
  • Selling tools that increase sales team productivity
  • A demo of the most modern CRM system available, Oracle Sales Cloud

Oracle’s Manufacturing Cloud Solution: What’s the True Value of Moving to the Cloud?

View the recording. If you are a manufacturing company, in order to fulfill a customer order, you need to make it. Oracle’s Plan to Produce manufacturing cloud solution is built to enable efficient planning and productive discrete manufacturing operations. We’ll talk about manufacturing cloud in three phases: Plan: Which allows you to balance both supply and demand in one run, and gives you multi-dimensional analytics to help you easily identify and solve issues that impact your bottom line. Make: Gives your company the ability to efficiently setup and run your production operations. Optimize: Which gives you tools and analytics for visibility, agility, customer responsiveness.

A Delicate Balance: Lean and ERP

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Manufacturing has always been a competitive business. Over the past 20 years, international treaties designed to lower tariffs and foster competition has significantly increased the level of this competition. To survive in this environment a manufacturing business needs every tool it can find at its disposal. But the primary tools that exist in the business press – ERP, Lean Manufacturing (including related concepts like Theory of Constraints) and Six Sigma – are typically presented as stand-alone solutions. Each has its place, but the requirement of a modern manufacturing enterprise is to understand the strengths of each and when it’s appropriate to apply the tool. We will explore the relationships between each, discuss the tools themselves and the delicate balance that is required when implementing both lean manufacturing concepts and an ERP system. In conclusion, we will present examples from two recent clients, explaining how they dealt with this challenge.


Case Study: How AP Automation Reduces Errors, Improves Data Management, and Improves Visibility

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Automating Accounts Payable processes can bring numerous operational and business benefits, from improving accuracy and reliability of information, taking advantage of early payment discounts, and supporting resilience along the entire supply chain.  But what if we look beyond the current needs, what if the organization’s goal is to grow, and adopt AP automation processes capable of supporting high-rate business expansion, without burdening today’s budget?  Hear a real-life customer story - how a dynamic company turned its AP department into a lean business unit, able to support high growth.


The Value of Archiving

View the presentation (submit the webinar form to download). Archiving is one of the most effective means to improve system performance and user productivity. Archived data can be stored on-site or in the cloud. Over the years, data growth in your system can start creating problems. Do you find MRP performance to be slow?  We have encountered companies that have over millions of records in the manufacturing history--that certainly has an impact on MRP performance. How about old Item Master records and Bills of Material?  It might be time to clear out the obsolete items. Essentio has many Oracle JD Edwards customers that needed to purge and archive their data to improve system performance, to shorten disaster recovery times, or even to reduce legal liability from old historical data. This session will discuss why customers choose to purge and archive, real-world results and benefits, ROI, and specific case studies of manufacturing companies who have benefited from carefully implemented data archival and management solutions before data growth created critical business continuity issues. Experience how important archiving can be to improve performance overall.

Ocelli – Your ERP Digital Assistant

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Modern ERP systems often fail to keep stride with the pace of ever changing technology trends.  Leveraging ERP Suites’ Ocelli as your digital assistant for your ERP enables you to swipe, speak or tap your way to a better experience with your ERP.


Not-So-Risky Business – Secure, ERP Integrated Payment Processing

Offering more payment options to your customers will grow your sales and improve customer service.  Streamlining the order to cash process without added risk or processing time can be a challenge.

Join us to learn how CDI’s highly secure, ERP integrated payment solution lets you accept credit cards and ACH payments with the lowest level of risk and the highest level of efficiency. 

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Modern Manufacturing Week 2016 took place Oct. 3-7.

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